Capture, engage and support your customers on their favorite messaging app.

Provide easy access to important information

Employees can interact with chatbots on WhatsApp to know about company policies, leave balances, holiday calendars, raise tickets and a lot more. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with them on a daily basis.

Send prompt alerts and reminders

Chatbot can send personalized alerts in text or multimedia format, requiring the employee’s action. For example, they can notify employees about possible downtimes and technical disruptions.

whatsapp api

Launch promotions and bulk notifications

Now, HR and IT teams can focus on more complex problems as chatbots help employees with Tier-1 queries that require simple troubleshooting.

Improve recruitment and onboarding processes

WhatsApp chatbots can vet the candidates to shortlist the qualified ones and also update new employees of joining date, paperwork formats, and documents to be submitted.

Facilitate training and skill development

WhatsApp chatbots are capable of delivering relevant and personalized training content to your staff, reducing the burden on your HR manager.

With WhatsApp API, you can do more with less

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